Alfa Romeo Tipo A (1931)

Layout FR layout
Engine 2 × 1752 cc I6 DOHC
230 bhp at 5200 rpm,Memini DOA carburetor and supercharger
Transmission 3-speed manual
Wheelbase 110 in (2,794 mm)
Curb weight 930 kg (2050 lb)


  Alfa Romeo Tipo A 
engine two 6-cylinder in-line engines
displacement each 2991 cm³ / 106.9 cu in
bore × stroke 65.0mm × 88.0mm
compression ratio 5.0:1
Power at 1/min 115 hp / 86 kW at 5200
valve control two overhead camshafts / 2 valves per cylinder
mixture preparation Memini DOA carburetor, compressor
cooling water
transmission 3-speed gearbox, non-synchronized (rear wheel drive)
brakes Drum brakes on all wheels
Front suspension semi-elliptical leaf springs, friction dampers
rear suspension semi-elliptical transverse leaf springs, friction dampers
body and frame Aluminum body on ladder frame
wheelbase 2800mm
Track width front / rear 1380mm / 1380mm
Dimensions L × W × H 4100mm × 1590mm × -mm
Curb weight (without driver) 930kg
top speed 240 km/h (149 mph)


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