Lancia Dialfa / 18/24 HP (1908)



Layout FR layout
Engine 3815 cc straight-6 40 hp
Transmission 4-speed manual
Wheelbase 324 cm (127.6 in)
Curb weight 750 kg (1,653 lb)


  • Engine  : Type 53 ; front engine, longitudinal, 6-cylinder in-line, tri-block (3 cast iron blocks with 2 cylinders each), bore 90 mm, stroke 100 mm,total displacement 3817.03 cm³ , fixed cylinder head, aluminum alloy crankcase , distribution with parallel side valves (2 valves per cylinder) controlled by aside camshaft (in the crankcase) driven by gears; crankshaft on 4 supports; compression ratio 4.8: 1, maximum power 40 CV at 1,500 rpm, maximum reachable speed: 1,800 rpm; drop feed ( carburetorvertical Two-stage lance, preheated by radiator water); high voltage magnet ignition ( Bosch ) with manually adjustable advance value; gravity lubrication (auxiliary pump to lubricate the crankshaft supports according to the rotation speed) capacity of the lubrication circuit 15 liters; water cooling with centrifugal pump and honeycomb radiator, assisted by a fan
  • Transmission  : shaft with cardan joints , traction on the rear wheels ; multi- plate clutch in oil bath; 4-speedgearbox ( light alloy box) plus reverse with side lever control; final reduction ratio (bevel gears) 2,722: 1 (18/49)
  • Suspensions  : front with rigid axle and semi-elliptical longitudinal leaf springs, rear with rigid axle with longitudinal leaf springs with 3/4 ellipse
  • Brakes : foot brake (mechanical) acting on the transmission and hand brake (mechanical) acting on the rear wheels
  • Wheels and tires : wooden wheels (spoked), 820 x 120 tires
  • Steering : right-hand drive position; screw and wheel steering .
  • Frame : steel, with side members and cross members; wheelbase 323.5 cm, front track 133 cm rear track 133 cm; length and width of the frame 421.5 cm and 161.5 cm respectively; weight of the frame, in running order, Kg 750.
  • Performance : top speed 110 km / h

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